Busy Cube Sensory Toy is a Handmade Montessori Fidget Cube for Learning – Wooden Activity Cubes for Travel & Children with Autism and ADHD


About This Product :

  • Best Learning Toy for Autistic Kids: Join our Jumbling journey with the Jumble Busy Cube, the handmade Montessori-style learning toy is ideal for autistic children. Full of exploratory fun, this is the best busy board toy that you’ll need to keep your kid occupied.
  • Boost Cognitive and Motor Skills Development With This Sensory Cube: Includes a spinning hour glass, wheel & door switch, spring doorstop, fidget spinner and a water tap making it a perfect fidget toy for your kids.
  • Handmade with Love & Utmost Care: ”s busy board cube is proudly handmade and creatively designed to offer hours of sensory play to your Kid! Keeping your child”s safety above all, this fidget cube is made out of premium wood with sanded edges coated with non-toxic paint.
  • Greater Fun During Travels: Having this busy board learning cube on board, kids get a perfect reason to be creative and curious instead of weeping and wailing so you all get to enjoy a great time indoor or on the go.
  • Charming & Innovative Gift Idea for Kids: The wood activity cube features a variety of sensory toys that spark curiosity for exploration and learning in your child allowing them to discover new things, making it an excellent gift for children with autism and adhd.

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