20KG Servo Motor High Torque RC Servo Metal Gear Waterproof for R/C Model DIY Car Robot, DS3218, Control Angle 270°


About This Product :

  • 270° Digital Servo: built-in brush motor and stable motherboard, precise angle without deviation.
  • Control System: change of pulse width. Pulse range 500usec ~ 2500usec for 0° ~ 270° (90°–1166usec, 180°–1833usec).
  • High Performance: high quality aluminum gear equipped with double ball bearing, less noise, more stable torque. After the upgrade of RC Servo, two functions are added, which can be automatically protected with anti-burning and rotor blocking protection; 5S overload protection, 70 ℃ overheat protection
  • Large Torque: it reacts quickly and the maximum torque is up to 22.8kg·cm (316.63oz·in) at 6.8V.
  • Application Fields: suitable for airboats, cars, robots, intelligent DIY, also rigid wings, helicopters, and other RC models.

Details :

  • Model Name: rc servo
  • Voltage: 6.8 Volts
  • Horsepower: 20 Kilograms
  • Material: matal

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