5 Piece Set Whimsical Fantasy Mr and Mrs Gnomes with Family Nesting Dolls Matroyshka Babushka Wooden Figurines 4.5′ Tall Alchemy Magic Gnome Decor Accent Statues


About This Product :

  • This Decorative Nesting Dolls Stacking Matryoshka Toy Figurine comes as a 5 piece set. The tallest piece measures 4.5″ Tall and 2.25″ Wide. The next measurements down from the second tallest to the shortest are 3.5″ to 2.5″ to 1.75″ to 1.25″ approximately. The set weighs about 6 ounces.
  • This Decorative Nesting Dolls Stacking Matryoshka Toy Figurine is made of wood, hand painted and polished individually. This nesting dolls toy set is recommended for children 6 years and above.
  • Our line of Matryoshka dolls feature striking bold designs in several themes. Each piece is a hand crafted work of art, with our artisans focusing on attractive design, ease of opening and closing of each doll, eco friendly natural kid safe wood composition and paint used. Quality is in the works every step of the way in making this nesting doll.
  • Our design on this particular set features the Whimsical Gnome family from Mr Mrs Gnome to 3 mini gnome princes and princess.
  • You can use this Matryoshka doll as more than just a decorative toy; they can be used as a secret jewelry, knick knacks storage holder and many more!

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