60/70‑6.5 Tires, Stretchable Explosion Proof Solid Tire with Good Shock Absorption Effect Compatible for G30 Rubber Electric Scooter Parts Electric car Scooter


About This Product :

  • Long Mileage: This style is 70/65‑6.5 free of inflatable tires and is 60‑70% lighter than the explosion proof tire of the same specification, more energy saving, can exchange for longer mileage.
  • Stretchable Tire: The tire is stretchable but always returns to its original shape, its cushioning restores its shape according to changes in pressure and temperature, and its holes make it more flexible in various road conditions.
  • How to Use: Tip: You can soak it in hot water for about ten minutes to soften it, increase its elasticity and make it more convenient to install. And it is suitable for G30 electric scooters.
  • Material: Rubber, with the features of durability, puncture proof, explosion proof and other excellent characteristics, at the same time, it also have a good shock absorption effect.
  • The surface has rubber grooves, which can provide excellent grip and greatly improves the cushioning flexibility of the tire, making it easy to handle in all kinds of complicated road conditions.

Details :

  • Seasons: Year Round
  • Size: Free Size
  • Rim Size: 6.5 Inches

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