AS600 6CH 2.4GHz RC Transmitter and Receiver Remote Controller with PWM 6 Channel Receiver for RC Boat


About This Product :

  • Press the key to adjust the throttle constant speed, or push the throttle stick forward to increase the constant speed Pull back the throttle lever to reduce the constant speed amount, so as to achieve the desired constant speed effect.
  • The 1-channel/2-channel mixed control mode allows the 1-channel and 2-channel to control 2 motors at the same time for the forward and backward of the accelerator and the differential steering function.
  • 3-channel/4-channel mixed control mode is to allow one channel to control the signals of two channels at the same time, CH3/CH4 is a jog signal, and the channel output is a neutral point signal, which can realize 3-channel/ 4-channel forward, stop, reverse Direction; used to control steering gear, winch, tank barrel, turret, etc.
  • Loss of control protection is a protection function for the receiver to lose the signal, so as to avoid loss due to loss of control. It is mainly to set the throttle channel. When the receiver cannot receive the transmission signal, the throttle channel of the receiver will run to the set value.
  • In order to prevent misuse, the remote control can lock the direction fine-tuning key and throttle fine-tuning key.

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