Blade Skateboard Caster Board, 7 Ply Maple Wood Cruiser Board with ABEC-7 Bearings, 7 in Aluminum Trucks, Smooth and Unique Riding, Lightweight, Split Resistant Deck


About This Product :

  • Unique Riding Experience: The Swing Blade skateboard features our patented twin caster gear-driven synchronizing belt technology called the SBS Direct Drive System. The SBS Direct Drive allows for the 2 front caster wheel assemblies to be linked together with a precision belt drive. Allowing for both front caster wheels to turn 360 degrees in unison, providing better balance and stability. This design allows the rider to propel themselves forward without ever removing their feet from the board.
  • Do More than Your Average Board: The Swing Blade can shred uphill with no foot push off or motor! Keep both feet firmly planted on the deck and self-propel yourself forward using the SBS Direct Drive system. By using a simple carving motion with your front foot, you can propel forward on any incline! The SBS Direct Drive also allows you to carve long sweeping turns or short quick 360’s! Its 29-inch deck looks and handles like a nimble cruiser, with all fluidity of a 36-inch longboard.
  • Climb with No Motor: With the twisting motion of your body to ride, you can build enough momentum to ride without the use of kicking, and even climb steep inclines! Great for exercise, this board can be ridden on the pavement in almost every environment!
  • ABEC 7 Bearings: With ABEC-7 bearings, you can be sure your board will ride smoothly, and any rider will be comfortable. Your wheels will glide across the pavement with no resistance so you can focus on landing all of your favorite tricks.
  • Adjustable Rear Trucks with 3 Positions: The rear trucks can be adjusted to 3 different positions, for a unique riding experience each time. Regular, Extra, and Xtreme positions provide the rider with a brand new experience that can only be done with the Swing Blade. These 3 different truck mounting positions, provide variable lengths between the front and rear trucks – giving every rider the ability to tune the board to their riding style and preference

Details :

  • Color: Swing Blade
  • Deck Length: 36 Inches
  • Deck Width: 8.66 Inches
  • Material: Maple Wood
  • Load Capacity: 330 pound
  • Wheel Size: 54 Millimeters
  • Ply Rating: 7 ply

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