Captain Crew Dice Game, Great for Party Favors, Family Games, Stocking Stuffer, Travel Games, and Camping Games, Dice Games for Adults, Fun Games for Family Game Night


About This Product :

  • SHIP CAPTAIN CREW: Be ye ready for an adventure? Mayhaps ye be claimin” victory, or be meetin” the depths o” defeat. Set yer eyes on victory once ye acquire a captain (6), a ship (5), and a crew (4).
  • HOW TO WIN: Arr, me matey! ”Tis time to tally yer plunder with various combinations. Be calculatin” yer points and may the highest score be yers to claim, for the spoils belong to the mightiest!
  • INCLUDES: This here treasure be holdin” a set o” Ship Captain Crew dice and a parchment o” instructions fit fer 2+ Swashbucklers. Prepare to embark on a jolly adventure, me hearties!
  • ROLL ‘EM MATEYS: First roll a ship (6), then a captain (5), and then a crew (4). After you roll them, see what you score! Rack up points, matey – each game is shorter than a pegleg pirate in a puddle!
  • GAME NIGHT: Great addition for game night, birthday parties, and family gatherings. Use for gift bag or Christmas stocking stuffer. Small size for travel. Educational games, group games.

Details :

  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Number of Players: 2 or more
  • Theme: Adventure
  • Material: Cardboard, Plastic

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