Dance Mats, Toy Gift for Kids Girls Boys Age 4-8 Years Old, Electronic Dance Pad, Large Play Mat w/Rest Area, 13 Levels, No Discouraging Sound, Anti-Slippery (39.4”” x 34.3””)


About This Product :

  • Material Safety & DurabilityThis electronic dance mat is sensitive to touch and strong enough to withstand constant and powerful hits, such that kids can freely step, hop, and jump onto the touch sensitive dance spots. The dance mat has multiple layers of costly heavy-duty material, which actually ensures the soft feel when baby crawls on, the durability for kids who are hard on things, and the material safety(Odor-free, non-toxic,CPSIA and ASTM Approved )
  • A Total of 13 Levels5 modes(i.e., 5 big levels) to choose from, and 9 small levels in mode 5, a total of 13 levels to get through, which caters to all ages /capability levels. The 5 modes offer choices of play and also the difficulty levels to start from. The difficulty increases from level to level, and scores rise in the process of you passing levels(MAX. 99). Never get bored like with most dance mats that have 3 modes only and fewer levels. Volume control for various scenarios.
  • Why Toolion Dance Mat?1. Have middle foot rest area for a smooth pace. The footwork of most mats isn’t dancing, but like a awkward twister with your feet as they have no middle rest area to coordinate their last and next move. 2.Have soft indicators only, no dazzling arrow lights that hurt once with direct eye contact. 3. Never say anything discouraging, but restart the current level to challenge again if failed. 4. Longer(indicator) lighting time gives kids enough time to follow the pace.
  • Waterproof & Anti-slipperyThis dance pad is easy to spread out(Large: 39.37 x 34.25in) and fold for storage or outings. The waterproof surface means no damage in case of an unexpected juice spill and easy cleaning with a wipe. The bottom is anti-slippery so it won’t shift easily like most while dancing on it and also water resistant so the use on the slightly dewy grassland becomes worry-free(Note: 1.Edges are sewn into the mat and not watertight 2. Wipe clean only, not machine washable).
  • The Best XMAS GiftThis dancing mat for kids and adults is great for the whole body and mind. The quick-response mode exercises the brain, the body coordination mode promotes balance and coordination, the memory challenge improves memory. Really a huge hit for adults or kids, a workout(get moving and away from screens), and a way to intensify parent-child interaction, kids’ fun after school, and the atmosphere of the coming Christmas day. 4 AA batteries required but not included.