Double Wheel Kaleidoscope Vintage Maritime Optical Brass Collectible Nautical Gift Vintage Look Kaleidoscope Antique Finish for Friends and Adults


About This Product :

  • Size : Beautiful Vintage Collectible Gift Total size- 7 inches x 1.5 inches – front lens 2.5 inches – weight 240 grams
  • Made of solid brass and high grade optical mirrors
  • When the barrel is turned, and at every given moment a new magnificent image is created
  • Interior mirror creates colorful images..Extra Wheel kaleidoscope, Brass Kaleidoscope, two different shaped and colored wheels are positioned opposite the set of mirrors, and by turning the wheels infinite new reflective images are created. The wheels can be moved to find specific shapes and colors
  • A great conversation piece for the home or office! A terrific gift for a collector or for someone special!

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