FMS RC Crwaler 1/24 Scale FCX24 Power Wagon RTR 4WD 2.4GHz 3CH Offroad RC Car Model Vehicle Hobby Grade Remote Control Car(Red)


About This Product :

  • [FMS 1/24 RC Model]: This FMS 1/24 rc crawler has an hard shell, perfectly rendering the details of the real car in off-road form. The stickers are for players to design their own rc truck. The frame is made of nylon for lighter weight and greater strength. The portal axle increases ground clearance and improves passing.
  • [Two-speed Gearbox]: Two-speed gearbox with remote control for CH3, operated by 9G steering. The low gear reduction ratio is 99, with strong torque output for extreme hill climbing. The high gear reduction ratio is 24.75, with a maximum speed of 8km/h. One 1/24 rc crawler, two ways to play.
  • [24 Bearings]: Considering that players later need to disassemble the whole car to upgrade the bearings. the Initial version of FCX24 power wagon is installed with a total of 24 bearings installed in the whole car, no need to disassemble and re-upgrade. Make it even more fun for the rc player.
  • [Ready to Run]. RTR Version, opening the package and loading the batteries, the player can play the rc car with a professional 2.4G 3-channel digital scale remote control system. This mini rc car also comes with a lighting control module, in addition to a tail light and turn signal socket for modification. More fun is waiting for every player to discover a 1/24 rc crawler of their own.
  • [Design rc car with Upgrade Accessories]: In order to bring more fun to the players, FMS has also designed a large number of upgrades and modification accessories for players to choose and modify, such as metal gears, shock absorbers, high performance motors, radiators and wheels. This 1/24 Power Wagon is not static, it is waiting for every player to bring more performance and playfulness to it.

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