Ghost Pinata – Halloween Pinata Mexican Decorations for Birthday Parties, Themed Fillable Pinata for Candy, Toys, and Treats, Fun for Buster, Includes Hanging String


About This Product :

  • Spooky Ghost Halloween Pinata Decorations – More than a happy birthday pinata you can use this ghost pinata for celebrating Halloween events, having fun at school gatherings, and enjoying a little scary fun during ghostbuster themed party..
  • Fillable with Toys, Treats, and Party Favors – These empty pinatas make great candy filled pinatas especially when you pack them full of all your child’s favorite snacks and small toys. Kids will love breaking them open to reveal what’s inside.
  • Classic Silly Ghost Theme – More hilarious than scary our ghost pinatas feature bright colors that make them more fun and engaging for young children. They can even be used as Halloween decorations or decor before breaking them open.
  • Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Paper – Costume Wizard candy pinatas are crafted with high-quality paper mache that can be recycled after use. This not only helps reduce waste but makes cleaning up after parties quicker and easier for parents.
  • Built-In Top Hanging String – We want to make it simple for parents to hang these up on a tree limb or from rope up above, so we added a small, yet effective hanging strip to the top that holds on firm when kids are whacking away at the ghost.

Details :

  • Theme: Halloween
  • Material: Paper
  • Occasion: Halloween

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