Kite for Kids. Soft Nylon Material, Good Begineer Kid Kite Easy to Fly. 244×39 inch Long Adult Kite for The Beach or Park, Outdoor Game and Activites


About This Product :

  • High quality Kite: The 3D Panda Kite fabric is nylon,resistance to strong winds and tear. Custom-made woven kite string. It can hold the kite in high tension. This Kite for Kids easy to fly, Also a good Adult Kite.
  • Kite as a gift: This parafoil kite can be introduced as a gift for children”school or birthday parties,Fly Kite can increase mutural friendship for Adult and Child.Itis a good interaction exercise for all.
  • Convenient to carry: The Parafoil Panada Kite fold up in a small pouch and handy to carry, Kids kite can be carried on the body kite for the beach or any open space.
  • Measurement of kite: 244inch long with 39 inch wide, The head of the panda kite is 55 inches long and the ribbon is 188 inches long. This Parafoil Panda Kite includes: A backpack for 3D kite and 196-foot kite line handle.
  • Kite for Adult: If you want to fly a bigger pilot kite, you can start learning from this panda kite and get moving.

Details :

  • Material: Nylon
  • Frame Material: Nylon

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