Lab Tiny Ice Cream – Worlds Smallest Ice Cream Maker Set with an Activity Recipe Book – Learn with Fun Science Experiments and Create Mini Ice Cream Treats for Kids with 2X E-Books


About This Product :

  • MINIATURE ICE CREAM TOY TOOL SET – Tiny Ice Cream presents the tiniest ice cream maker utensil set for making cute ice cream treats for kids. With a recipe book, these mini kitchen gadgets allow kids to learn chemistry set science behind ice cream making through application, while developing fine motor skills. They”re fun tinker toys for learning to be a confectionery master chef!
  • THE KITCHEN SET FOR KIDS TINY HOUSE DESSERTS – This set has essential play kitchen accessories such as a miniature kitchen silicone molds, mixing bowl, mini spatula, baking pan, waffle bowl maker, mini spoons, and more. The travel sized DIY kit is great for kids workbench activities! Get 1x Tiny Ice Cream Set with 2x E-books.
  • FUNCTIONAL ICECREAM MAKER SET FOR KIDS – Upgrade your play food. Wear your chef hat and kids apron. Tiny Ice Cream will bring it to the next level with a functional miniature ice cream maker for kids. Instead of playing pretend, utilize the included kids cookbook to create easy ice cream treats.
  • SCIENCE KIT EDUCATION THROUGH PLAY – Fun things and experiences can also be in educational toys. These STEM kits and interactive toys from Smartlab provides educational insights and a unique learning experience through creative play. The cognitive health stem building toys and craft kits include resources that encourage interest in the science behind each toddler activity.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TOYS AND KIDS GIFTS – There”s study behind why we love tiny things. The best part is that these toddler kitchen craft kits aren”t just for our little ones. The miniature toys make great girl stuff and science gifts for kids. Getting creative with miniature stuff is oddly therapeutic, but it”s also just good fun to make mini treats.

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