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About This Product :

  • This puzzle set is a teaching aid for children to learn about as many as 24 musical instruments. There are 36 jigsaw puzzle pieces which put together correctly, provide illustrated information about these musical instruments as a 6 piece puzzle set. Children can connect a larger piece which shows the instrument category along with the instruments set. Some of the musical instruments in the puzzle set are saxophone, flute, accordion, drums, violin, guitar, sitar, trumpet…
  • All the puzzle pieces of the musical instruments are of the same size,have common jigsaw edges and are coded with musical notes, By colour matching, the child joins the appropriate jigsaw pieces for 6 instruments along with the music instrument category piece.Thereby it can study all the features of each category as a set. Musical instrument categories in the puzzle set include string instruments, wind instruments, keyboards and percussion.
  • Taking advantage of the common size of puzzle pieces, multi-probe and and play possibilities are provided in a beautifully illustrated instruction manual. Thereby children understand various aspects of music genres such as jazz, pop, rock, classical etc.
  • The educational aid makes the child aware of many different types of musical instruments, music categories and genres thereby stimulating thier interest to learn about music. The Instruction manual provides interesting play and learn exercises about this and orchestra assemblies.
  • The common size of the pieces provides another fun and interesting game play option. Children can make the Big music show by putting together as many musical instrument jigsaw pieces. In other words they can make their own music performance such as Indo-West fusion, classical and rock or even jazz and country music.

Details :

  • Puzzle type: Jigsaw
  • Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS): 48.00
  • Number of Pieces: 36
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 8.27 x 1.57 x 10.24 inches

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