Metal, Silver & Copper DND Coins for DND Tokens, DND Accessories with PU Leather Bag as DND Gifts for DND Board Game Player, Fake Coins with Leather Bag of Colorful Eyes for Cosplay Board Game


About This Product :

  • 120PCS High Cost-Effective Set”s DND coins set, you will get 20 metal coins, 40 silver coins, 60 copper coins, and a high quality PU leather bag. A sufficient amount of DND coins as DND tokens for DND board games will allow you to hold enough wealth in DND board game and trade with other DND players.
  • DND Coins Pouch That Belongs to You”s DND coins bag is cut from a huge piece of high-quality PU leather. The textured design of the reference dragon scale can highlight the bumpy touch, and each DND coins bag has a unique dragon scale pattern after cutting. This means what you are using is your own DND coins pouch.
  • Dragon Designed for DND Board GameThe DND tokens set is made of special metal materials, the DND coins of different materials represents different dragon images, and the obverse of the coins has a bumpy texture, which can bring you a realistic touch! And ”s real DND coins will be better than other DND board game players who only have paper DND tokens for more fun!
  • Dragon Eyes Converging Four Energy uses four different colors of dragon eye design, which symbolize four different energies in the DND board game. When you are playing DND board games, you can get powerful energy through the dragon”s eye. And when you illuminate the dragon”s eyes with light, he will burst out a faint green light in the dark, as if a dragon lurking in victory is standing on your side Supporting you.
  • Real Gaming ExperienceWhen you are playing DND board games, metal DND coins will make board game players more invested and real in the game. The equipped exclusive coin bag can give DND players a more real feeling when holding, tossing, and exchanging directly. Such DND accessories sets are the best real experience for DND board gamers!

Details :

  • Material: Metal
  • Genre: Party
  • Number of Players: 32
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.57 x 4.61 x 1.26 inches

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