Mirobot Educational Kit 6 Axis Robot Mini Programmable Gripper arm Lightweight Educational Desktop Robotic arm 6DoF Lightweight Desktop Robotic Arm for K12 or 3D Printer

About This Product :

  • WLkata Mirobot is a multifunctional high-precision desktop-level robotic arm that provides a broad platform for the development and construction of robot education such as big data applications, smart factories, and Industry 4.0.
  • Multiple control methods: computer terminal WLKATA Studio software control, APP mobile phone control, APP mobile phone control, three-dimensional virtual control (V-Rep Ros Matlab),Contains a matching robot controller for better and more comprehensive control
  • WLkata Mirobot equipped with laser engraving, writing and drawing, handling and palletizing, mobile app control, etc. Multiple functions, reserved multiple expansion interfaces to support secondary development. Users can develop more application scenarios through software programming and hardware expansion to meet the needs of students of different ages.
  • Desktop-level lightweight industrial robotic arm prototype, safe operation, comprehensive functions, freely set actions, add accessories arbitrarily, one arm has unlimited creativity!
  • WLKATA is suitable for teaching and training scenarios, color sensor training, multi-fixture coordination training, joint training of six-axis robotic arms and code wheel robotic arms, scene training, painting and calligraphy art training, artificial intelligence voice training, etc.