Outdoor Water Sprinkler Spray for Kids – Cute Backyard Sprinkler Toy with Wiggle Tube Arms – Active Summer Play for Children and Pets – Attaches to Garden Hose – Age 3+


About This Product :

  • SUMMER FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – brings you this fun, water sprinkler, JIMMY THE OCTOPUS with multi-colored tentacles providing you with cooling and refreshing play on the lawn, in the sun on weekends and holidays. Attach to the garden hose, turn on the water and you’re off.
  • COLORFUL, IMAGINATIVE, EXCITING AND ENTERTAINING – Watch them splashing around safely in their own backyard. No need for tiring and expensive trips to the water park. You’ve got your own squirting fun as quickly as they can put on their bathing suits.
  • SAFE FOR AGES 3+ AND THE DOG – The swirling extremities are made of safety foam ensuring that even if the kids run into the wiggly bits, they are 100% safe. CPC approved so parents can relax and kids can frolic while the garden gets watered!
  • ENJOYABLE IN ANY SIZE GARDEN – Whatever the size of your yard, large or small, the kids and their friends will have a ball running through and away from the splashing water. **Never leave small children unattended while playing. Your doggy will have a blast!
  • ACTIVE PLAY IS THE PERFECT GIFT – This is a cool kids toy for outside activity on any warm day. Boys and girls will love receiving this outdoor water toy as a birthday gift, holiday gift or as a wonderful surprise at grandma’s house. This whimsical outdoor sprinkler will make your next birthday party a true hit. BUY YOURS TODAY and enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

Details :

  • Material: Foam
  • Color: Red
  • Age Range (Description): Kid,Baby

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