Portable Toy Carry Case + 353pc Magnetic Tile Combo Set, Magnetic Tiles Construction Blocks Travel Bag EVA Storage Organizer Box Action Figure Character Accessory, Magnetic Brick Tile


About This Product :

  • This bundle contains 2 items
  • PicassoToys Toy Carry Case Magnetic Tiles Construction Blocks Travel BagEVA Storage Organizer Box Action Figure Character Accessory STEM STEAM Toys Portable Waterproof Oxford Cloth PTA10
  • 353pcsMagnetic Brick Tile and Magnetic Tile Combo Set, Action Figures Included, Building Blocks STEM Toys, Educational Montessori Preschool Toddler Classroom Learning Toys, Kids Activity
  • Ideal portable carrying case bag for the children”s must have toys on-to-go also serves as a neat storage box at home. Great supplement accessory for magnetic tiles product line series as well as PicassoToys building blocks or other accessory product lines. Also suitable for other toys or even none-toys usage such as lunch box, tool kits, toiletries, make ups, cosmetics, or any practical usage that comes in handy for portability and mobility.
  • BRAND NEW DESIGNS: has combined the world”s best two beloved construction toys to another whole new level! The 353pcs magnetic brick tile & magnetic tile combo set includes 36 magnetic brick tiles, 250 regular building bricks, and 64 magnetic tiles in various shapes plus 2 action figures for unlimited creations

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