Powerful Multi-Angle Baseball Rebounding System – Softball Pitch-Back Net Attachment for Throwing Practice & Fielding Trainer – Portable Steel Frame with Foot Pedal Adjustment – 5 x 6ft


About This Product :

  • IMPROVE YOUR FIELDING SKILLS: ADVN Design”s baseball pitching net rebounding system is perfect for players of all skill levels looking to improve their throwing and fielding abilities. With the ability to quickly adjust the angle of the net, you can practice a variety of throws, pitching and catches, making it an essential training tool for pitchers, catchers, and fielders alike
  • SOFTBALL PITCH-BACK NET ATTACHMENT: This powerful multi-angle rebounding system is perfect for softball players as well. Featuring a durable baseball net bounce back that can endure even the most intense practice sessions. The baseball bounce back throwing net allows you to practice reflex drills and soft tosses with ease.
  • PORTABLE STEEL FRAME: This portable rebounding system with a sturdy and portable steel frame makes it easy to transport to and from the field or practice area. The frame is also easy to assemble, so you can quickly set it up and get to work on improving your skills.
  • FOOT PEDAL ADJUSTMENT: One of the standout features of this powerful rebounding system is the foot pedal adjustment. The innovative baseball pitch back design allows you to easily adjust the angle of the net with your foot, keeping hands clear of all moving parts. More time practicing your skills without wasted time adjusting.
  • 5 x 6FT SIZE: The 5 x 6ft Baseball Rebounder System is expertly sized to accommodate a range of throws and catches. Whether you”re perfecting your pitching accuracy, honing your catching technique, or practicing your fielding skills, this versatile rebounding system will elevate your game to new heights.

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