Recordable 8′ Plush Golden Labrador for Voice Messages, Songs or Baby Heartbeat


About This Product :

  • BETTER THAN OTHERS: Make your stuffed animal teddy bear friend better than every one else”s by giving them a voice! Have them sing a song, record a special message from a special person, or say I Love You!
  • EASY TO USE: 1. Rotate the top clockwise, exposing the letter R 2. Hold device about 4in away from mouth or sound origin 3. Press and hold button to record, making sure sound is clear 4. Release button when finished recording 5. Rotate the top of the device to the letter P and press the same button to play message (once satisfied, keep module in this position) 6. Place inside the stuffed animal through the open hole in back 7. Peal off Velcro covering then press both Velcro sides firmly
  • TOP QUALITY: Clear sound, loud speaker, long lasting, child-friendly, and durable! Stuffed animal is made from very high quality fabrics and stitching, fluff stuffing is soft and holds its fluff for a very long time, and attention to detail is immaculate. Designed with little ones in mind!
  • MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY: This outfit is a perfect gift for any stuffed animal lover or Build A Bear collector. What a unique way to appreciate a child or someone special! birthday gift, best friend gift. graduation gift, anniversary gift, realtor gift, college student gift, Valentine”s day, Mother”s day, gift for him, gift for her, girlfriend, baby shower, wedding gift, dating gifts, daycare gifts, cancer patient gifts, autism gifts, veterinarian gifts, animal lover gifts, employee and teen gifts.
  • 100% GUARANTEED: Each of our animals are made with our customers in mind and your satisfaction is Guaranteed or your money back.

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