Remote Control Bee Kids Toys – Realistic RC Bee, Music Effect, LED Light, Toys for 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ Year Old Boys/Girls, Gifts for Halloween Christmas Easter Birthday


About This Product :

  • Real Spray Mist – This remote control bee toy looks realistic and has a high-tech-like shell. When it moves quickly around you, its bee legs swing quickly. It looks like a real bee except for it can”t fly). It can fool your friends and is very interesting. What”s more, this remote control bee toy can spray real mist when you press the spray button. It will show red and blue effects in the dark, this function is really magical.
  • 2 Crawl Modes & 3 Spray Modes – The remote control bee can not only crawl back and forth, but also comes with 2 DEMO modes, which will automatically crawl under two different tracks according to the set program after pressing the button, accompanied by music. At the same time, it has 3 spray modes, spraying water mist at different frequencies, and looks very cool.
  • Cool LED Lighting Effects – The remote-controlled bee toy has glowing red LED eyes on its head that emit a slow blinking effect as it moves and sprays. The mouth of the bee robot also has red and blue lighting effects, which looks very cool when spraying in the dark. Both children and adults will find it very interesting.
  • Music Function – The remote control bee will not only scare your pals with realistic sound effects as it moves, but also play different music on the crawl. A total of 6 different music can be selected, which can bring a lot of joy to your family and children. It”s a really cool toys for boys and girls.
  • Ideal Gift for Kids – If you are looking for a gift for your child, the remote control bee toy is sure to be a one-of-a-kind option. It”s not just a Halloween gift or Halloween decoration. It is more suitable as a unique Christmas gift, birthday gift, Easter gift, or Thanksgiving gift for your kids or friends.

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