/Secret Agent Walkie Talkie – Voice Activated Hands Free Spy Walkie Talkies. Spy Like The Pros! Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection! for Your spy Gear Collection!


About This Product :

  • DESIGNED FOR JUNIOR SECRET AGENT: Talk to Fellow Agents in secret with hidden microphone & ear bud receiver… just like real secret service agents!
  • VOICE ACTIVATION WALKIE TALKIES: You just need to start talking into the wrist microphone and the other agent can hear you! Secretly speak to your fellow agent without even pressing a button!
  • PREPARING FOR SECRET MISSIONS: Wear the wrist microphone to your wrist just like a watch, clip the power pack unit onto the belt, and run the wires up and under the shirt or jacket, then place the ear bud in your ear. Now… it”s time for your secret mission with your fellow!
  • STEALTH STYLE SECRET AGENT KIDS: Talk into the adjustable wrist strap with mic for stealthy spying. Power pack and receiver with belt clip and ear buds for maximum comfort and stealthness.
  • POPULAR SPYX COLLECTION: Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience.

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