Soccer Ball Toys, Rechargeable Air Soccer Indoor Floating with LED Light for 3 -12 Year Toddlers Girls Boys Gifts for Birthday, Indoor and Outdoor Creative Toys for Toddlers with Foam Bumper


About This Product :

  • Interesting suspended football: The colorful LED lights inside are very bright and attention grabbing, but this little padded puck-like soccer ball top floats on air like a champ. The fan does a great job lifting it up enough to keep moving with inertia when it gets kicked around. It won”t hurt to kick it even if you are barefoot.
  • Battery Durability: This football toy is equipped with a durable rechargeable battery, which can be played for several days on a single charge (depending on the playing time each time) and fast charging, so that your children can fully enjoy the joy and funny brought by the toy.
  • Toys That All Kids Love: This thing moves and sounds like a robot vacuum, AND it lights up. your kids can kick it around the house and it moves very well. Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, home reunions. No kid will say no to it!
  • USB Rechargeable: This is a fun hover ball with a couple charging capabilities, which makes it easy. You have to love the rechargeable USB component.
  • Foam Bumper Design: Protect furniture, walls and other objects from damage with our foam bumper design; safe and fun for everyone.

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