Super Soaker Hydro Balls 6-Pack, Reusable Water Balloons, Water-Filled Balls Burst on Impact, Fast Refill, 2 Colors, Outdoor Toy for Kids Ages 6 & Up


About This Product :

  • NERF SUPER SOAKER HYDRO BALLS: Reusable water-filled balls burst on impact! Fill them with water and they burst apart when they connect with a target, splattering water everywhere
  • QUICK AND EASY TO FILL AND REFILL: The balls have 2 interchangeable halves. Attach 2 halves, dunk the ball in water, squeeze it to add the water, and you”re ready to go
  • INCLUDES 6 NERF HYDRO BALLS: This set comes with 6 balls in 2 bright colors. The balls separate into 2 halves, and the halves are interchangeable, so it”s easy to keep refilling them as you play
  • SOFT MATERIAL: Nerf Hydro Balls are made with soft, flexible material for lots of blasting fun
  • EASY CLEANUP: Play more, clean up less with reusable Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Ball toys! After the balls burst apart, you simply pick the halves and refill them

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