Tennis Robot Portable with 36 Different Spin Balls Automatic Ping Pong Robot Ping Pong Machine for Training with 50 Table Tennis Balls (40+mm Balls)


About This Product :

  • ①Ping pong robot allows you to better operational use of the various functions of the machine.Table tennis robot can hold approximately 120 ping pong balls,Rated power: 36W. Please use the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD balls with diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches).
  • ②Please note that you must use more than 15 balls to use this machine. If there are less than 15 balls, the ball will not come out.
  • ③Set the ball containers filled with ping-pong and accommodates approximately 120 table tennis balls (40mm balls).Double-end serve (optional single serve), falling point is not fixed. You can generate top spin, backspin, as well as any combination of those and sidespin.
  • ④Table tennis robot can be easy to install,Mounting bracket included for easy installation.No tools or equipments are required.The position of the machine can be adjusted according to your own preferences.
  • ⑤About The Controller All functions are achieved by adjusting the controller, can adjust the ball frequency, swing frequency, top spin and back spin.The Ping Pong Robot Trainer to improve your ping pong skills and to keep physically active.Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation, strong & weak balls, high & low balls,easy adjust the position.

Details :

  • Product Dimensions: 11″L x 12″W x 13″H
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis

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