to Go Lettergories Travel Game


About This Product :

  • Magnetic, Lightweight, classic board game: This is a small, lightweight, pocket size, self-contained package so you can carry it with you on the go [size: 7. 6 inches].
  • Great for vacations: share a cool, engaging game with your kids while on vacation and keep them learning and engaged for hours.
  • Transforming wait time: got a few minutes to spare? Pull out this magnetic game and get straight into it. Just convert the tin box into The game board and start playing.
  • What”s inside: the Lettergories board game includes the magnetic game pieces, tin case that opens to become the game board and the rules and instructions on the back of the case.
  • Professionally designed: designed to be entertaining and fun for both kids and adult alike, recommended for ages 6+
  • No more technology: keep kids entertained without adding use of technology or unnecessary screen time.
  • All time favorite: magnetic Board games become an all-time favorite as they”re easy to carry, Open up and play.
  • Other games for kids: share the cool games that you enjoyed as a child with your kids and grandkids while travelling, at the airport or just waiting for the next thing. Other portable magnetic games include checkers, backgammon, chess, snakes & ladders, battle fleet, car race, bingo, Sudoku, peg solitaire, Tangram, reverse, dominoes, Chinese checkers. And many others.

Details :

  • Age Range (Description): 72 months to 1088 months
  • Number of Players: 4
  • Theme: Transportation
  • Material: Tin

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