Up Electronic Game — Move Yours to Get A Seat!


About This Product :

  • Let”s play! Butts up if you…Like broccoli! (Now, if you like broccoli-ewwthene you get up and scramble to find a new chair!
  • A fun, active game! It”s like musical chairs with a Super fun twist!
  • The player in the middle holds the device and reads the “butts up” statement while other players sit in chairs around them
  • If the statement applies to you, you get up and scramble to find a new chair, while the person in the middle does the same!
  • The person left without a chair takes a score ring and is the new player in the middle The player with the least amount of score rings in the end wins!
  • Includes 400 different questions/prompts!
  • For 3 or more players, ages 7 and up.

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