World Dinosaur Transforming Toy, 11 Step Baryonyx to Parasoralophous Double Danger 2 in 1 Toy, Fierce Changers


About This Product :

  • Two dinosaur toys in one! The thrills of Jurassic World come home with these Double Danger transforming figures that change from one dinosaur to another in 11 satisfying steps.
  • Carnivore becomes herbivore! Taking toy conversion to a new level, each figure transforms from a carnivore species to an herbivore species and back again.
  • Transforming fun! At about 7 by 5 inches, these Double Danger figures are part of the Fierce Changers line of toys, ranging from 8-step to 28-step transformations! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex transforms with Ankylosaurus in 2 different decos, Carnotaurus with Stegosaurus and Baryonyx with Parasorolophus.
  • Great gift! Jurassic World fans ages 6 years and older will want to collect all the Fierce Changer toys for transformative fun! Each toy sold separately, subject to availability.

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