Yeti | Mythical Realms Collection | Toy Figurines for Boys and Girls


About This Product :

  • Also called the “Abominable Snowman” the Yeti is a legendary creature found in folklore from the Himalayan region. Often depicted a white-furred, ape-like creature, some believe the Yeti stalks the mountainous areas of East Asia. The Safari Ltd Yeti toy figure is 5 inches tall and is full of furry details.
  • TAKE A JOURNEY INTO THE FANTASTICAL – Safari Ltd”s Mythical Realms collection features incredibly detailed figurines of fantasy creatures pulled from myths and legends from all over the world, from Ancient Greek mythology to the folklore of North America, and much more!
  • DETAILED AND ACCURATE – With a focus on sparking children”s creative curiosity, Safari Ltd”s fantasy creature figurines are sculpted by professionals to provide exquisite detail and spark creativity and imagination in children with incredible designs!
  • TESTED FOR QUALITY AND SAFETY – Safari Ltd ensures all of its products are tested to ensure they”re safe for kids! Certified by accredited labs to be free of lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, Safari Ltd fantasy figurines are non-toxic and made to stand up to rigorous play.

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