Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 120mm – 4.72′ in Transparent Color for isolations and Body Rolls


About This Product :

  • One of 120mm Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball Approx. 4.72 inches in diameter, Net weight: 1112g (2.45lbs)
  • 120mm acrylic Contact Juggling Ball is Great for Single ball Tricks, isolations and body rolls, It may be getting a tad heavy for beginners.
  • A practiced contact juggler will eventually be able to roll, spin, toss and pass the ball back and forth, looping and bobbing it over the fingertips, palms, the tops of the hands, arms and other parts of the body in a graceful dance.
  • Recommended for advanced jugglers, be aware of repetitive strain injury risks from such a large ball.
  • Do not leave acrylic balls in direct sunlight, they can act as a magnifying glass and burn the surface they are sitting on, or distort/melt the surface of the ball.

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