Dawson Juggling Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball – Appx. 2.75′ – 70mm


About This Product :

  • One of appx. 2.75″ (70mm dia.) Clear acrylic contact juggling ball
  • Wrapped and packed in white paper box safely
  • Great for single ball tricks making acrylic juggling ball for beginners to professional multiple ball
  • These balls are made using optical grade acrylic material which is free of internal distortions, seamless, one piece and highly polished by handmade, So there will be slight errors in size.
  • Unlike polycarbonate balls, acrylic has no resistance when rubbed against acrylic, making your multiball stacks smooth and easy, and perfect for isolation.

Details :

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Clear
  • Age Range (Description): Kid
  • Sport: Contact juggling

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