Kite- Easy to Fly for Kids, Adults, Easy Beach Flying Kite for Beginner, for Ladies, Baby Girls. Single Line Kite, 50 inch Large Kite with 200ft Kite String Handle


About This Product :

  • ENJOY KITE TIME WITH BIG KITEGo out and enjoy flying a kite, don”t waste a windy and beautiful day. It”s lively shape and bright vibranr color is the most charastics,It can easily catch everyone”s eyes.You can still see it even though it flys high. Flying with your families, your friends. Get releaxed and happy memories.
  • EASY TO FLY BEACH KITEFriendly for the beginner, quite easy to fly for everyone. Our kite will still fly well in air with less wind or even without running head start.
  • HIGH QUALITY FLYING KITESAdopt the sturdy the fabric and lightweight rods and stable design to make your kite flying highly and stable whether facing strong or weak winds.
  • NiCE GIFTYou will receive a blue butterfly kite (size 116*80cm) with 4 ribbons at the end of the kite. Includes 5 sturdy kite poles(1 rods inside) 2 assembly clips, 50m line handle, kite assembly instructions, and a PVC plastic bag
  • LET”S BE THE KITE RUNNERS On the lawn, on the beach, in any beautiful familiar place, in any happy moment, maybe the memories won”t last long, but our kites will. If you believe in the quality of oleoltoy made, our first intention is to make it fun for you, for all families, a thousand times over. Your kite is ready to take off, how about you?

Details :

  • Color: /
  • Material: Plastic

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