Ping Pong Paddles – Complete Set of 4 Durable Multi-Color, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow Paddles for Kids or Outdoor Tables at Camp, Vacation, Rec Centers. Textured for Easy Grip and Light Spin


    About This Product :

    • Durable one-piece paddles designed for heavy indoor or outdoor use
    • Regulation size
    • Handles are textured for easy gripping – even with small hands
    • Textured paddle surface for light ball spin
    • Complete set of 4 paddles for playing singles or doubles

    Details :

    • Color: Multi-Color – Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
    • Material: Wood, Plastic
    • Sport Type: Table Tennis
    • Base Material: Plastic
    • Frame Material: Plastic
    • Top Material Type: Plastic
    • Age Range (Description): Kid/Adult

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