/ Spy Recon Watch. 8-Function Spy Toy Watch: Led Spot Light, Stopwatch, Alarm, Decoder, Secret Message Paper & Capsules, and Motion Alarm. Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!


About This Product :

  • 8-IN-1 WEARABLE SPY GADGET – The 8-in-1 SpyX Recon Spy Watch is a wearable gadget featuring a fantastic collection of Spy Tools. It includes Secret Message Paper and Message Drop Capsules, a Flip-Face Message Decoder, Digital Watch, LED Night Vision Spotlight, Stopwatch and Motion Alarm.
  • BE YOUR OWN SPY – Recon Spy Watch is an essential addition to any Spy collection and provides all of the essentials for day or night-time spy missions.
  • SEND SECRET MESSAGES – The SpyX Recon Spy Watch gives you the option to send secret messages to your friends. Write messages in pencil on the secret paper and hide them in the Safe-Drop Capsule. Use the Flip-Face decoder to reveal what the secret messages say.
  • VALUABLE ROLE PLAY – Playing as a spy is a fun way for kids to learn valuable skills as they create their own imaginative adventures. All SpyX toy gadgets are for children ages 6+.
  • SPY GADGETS RANGE – SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets needed for their many adventures. The SpyX range contains lots of exciting gadgets and gizmos so collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate secret agent experience.

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