Ultimate Covert Communicator Set


About This Product :

  • The ultimate Spy Ninjas Mission Kit with all of the tools you need for any mission, including the Covert Communicators, Utility Belt with clip on Decoder Wheel and Throwing Stars, Headband and so much more!
  • Keep in constant contact during any mission with the Spy Ninjas Covert Communicators. Two-way, wrist-mounted Walkie Talkies that are packed full of fun ninja features!
  • The Covert Communicators come with two working Walkie Talkies, a Removeable Compass, a Disc Launcher with two discs, a Magnifying Lens, LED Light, and a Spy Ninjas ID Card!
  • Use the LED light for night missions, or to send Morse Code to your fellow Spy Ninjas!
  • Communicators work up to 200 feet!

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